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Ha'a Hula Life 

We offer this 12-week online class series several times a year. Classes are taught live via Zoom, recorded, and stored in the Library for any-time access. Our next session is September 7 - December 7!

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Hula au ho'oholo imua... I dance for advancement.

Keep reading if...

  • You’ve taken some hula classes and are hungry for more
  • You've taken our Ha'a Hula FOUNDATION course and are ready to take the next step on your hula journey
  • You have a sense that there's more to hula than "dance" and you're eager to discover what that is
  • You’ve been learning from someone who isn’t traditionally trained, and you wonder if there’s a better teacher for you
  • You want a meaningful way to connect with other people that is positive and uplifting
  • You’ve noticed the way dancing hula brings you joy, and you want more of that
  • You want to deepen your knowledge of Hawaiian cultural teachings

Hula is Life

The practice of hula opens the heart, relaxes the mind, and strengthens the body. When we carry the light of hula into our lives, we become an embodied expression of aloha. Hula shows us the way...


  • You feel happy and more confident in your body
  • You have more patience with your kids, your spouse, in stressful situations at work, or in general in everyday life
  • You experience more energy, enhanced physical health, and greater well-being
  • You move through life with more ease, which helps you handle whatever comes your way with less reactivity and more equanimity
  • You have a way to contribute something positive to make the world a better place
  • You experience a deeper relationship with nature, helping you feel a greater sense of belonging and kinship with all of life

As a result of enrolling in our Ha'a Hula LIFE course, you will…

  • Deepen your proficiency in the skills of Hula
  • Add to your foundation of hula basics so you can dance with more confidence
  • Become more experienced with basic Hawaiian chants so that you can engage in Hawaiian protocols for healing 
  • Feel spiritually connected and guided, giving you a greater sense of belonging, support, and inner strength
  • Access new tools, practices and perspectives that offer a blueprint for living with more joy
  • Build stronger connections with the Ha'a Hula 'Ohana


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What people are saying:

"I'm loving this class so much, and I really find healing and inspiration in the hula dance and culture.  Mahalo for creating this course!" ~ Moyra

"I have found such joy in discovering hula and would like to continue learning from you indefinitely!" ~ Justine

"The inspiration, energy, and joy you have displayed and spread have affected us deeply, and come back to us each time we think of you, even in far away countries. We thank you for that." ~ Deb & Matt

"I feel fundamentally changed by hula. I feel grounded in a deeper more real and relational way, and I am reminded daily to move slowly with intention, love and response to the present moment.” ~ Michelle

“Mahalo for all you do and for being the thread of light, positivity, love and truth that weaves us together.” ~ Anna 

"Mahalo for the recorded videos. I especially appreciate the ability to replay them as it takes multiple viewings for me to learn the dance." ~ Lynn

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What we’ll cover in the Ha'a Hula LIFE course:

  • Hula Classes (1 hour each) include instruction in:
    • Hawaiian chants for inspiration and healing
    • Exercises that stretch, tone, and strengthen the body
    • Warm-up of our basic steps and hula movement vocabulary
    • Choreography of a hula dance in either kahiko (ancient) or ‘auana (modern) styles
    • Ongoing teachings in Hawaiian cultural perspectives that can help you cultivate more joy, peace, and balance in your life

What you'll get:

  • Supportive and encouraging hula instruction from Kumu Andrea and her alaka'i (teaching assistants)
  • Opportunities in class to receive direct feedback from your kumu to help you progress in your skills and proficiency
  • A 20-minute private session with Kumu Andrea via Zoom (scheduled separately) for the first FIVE people to sign up each session
  • Access to the Ha'a Hula LIFE class resources:
    • Video replays from your 12 classes
    • Additional instructional and practice videos
    • New hula steps video tutorials
    • Oli (chant) & Mele (song) lyrics and audio
  • BONUS CONTENT: Access to all resources from the Ha'a Hula INTRO and FOUNDATION  courses: 
    • All hula steps video tutorials
    • All hula dance choreography videos
    • All chant audio & video recordings
    • All song lyrics
    • Class video replays from the 10-week FOUNDATION series
  • Access to the Ha’a Hula Facebook Community (coming soon!)
  • Special discounts on upcoming Hula and Hawaiian Culture retreats in Hawai’i


Advance your hula knowledge and deepen your connection with our Ha'a Hula 'Ohana!

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