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Not all exercise is suitable for everyone and this or any exercise program could result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, never force or strain. 

We encourage you to always be conservative when determining your ability to do the exercises offered in HA’A HULA classes. It is your responsibility to review and understand the physical indicators that signal a movement or exercise is not working for your body that day.

If you feel pain, discomfort or dizziness, do not continue until you have checked in with the Teacher and/or your healthcare provider.

The instruction herein is not a substitute for medical attention, examination or diagnosis or treatment. 

I acknowledge that all classes are recorded, and if I choose to be in the video my face will be recorded as part of the class unless I manually de-select the Video setting in my Zoom app or client. The recording will then be available to other HA’A HULA members to watch via learnhulaonline.com (you'll still be able to access the live class though, don't worry!)

If more than two classes are cancelled in a monthly billing period (ie no sub teacher leads the class in Andrea’s absence) then a refund will be calculated based on a prorated amount based on how many classes were cancelled that month.

Class times may change temporarily, with at least one-week notice. In which case, the new times may not be as convenient for you; but you will still have access to the replay and library of all recordings.

Our online dance studio may close for holidays, which means classes will be canceled. We will attempt to offer a make-up class for anyone who cannot make it to other classes on the schedule.

Any permanent changes to the schedule will be done at the end of the month, to allow you time to cancel your membership if new live schedule does not work for you.

Enrollment in ongoing monthly membership of HA’A HULA LIFE classes can be canceled at any time.


I understand that if I am actively learning hula from someone else, protocol dictates that I ask for permission from my teacher or kumu before learning from anyone else. I agree to inform Kumu Andrea if I am coming from another halau.

I agree to not teach anyone what I have learned on Ha’a Hula or share any of Ha’a Hula resources with anyone, including video, audio, or documents. This includes sharing on social or other websites or apps. When in doubt, please talk with Kumu Andrea first.

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Let us connect you with the beauty and spirit of hula, as Kumu Andrea guides you through a week of easy and short tutorials in the fundamentals of hula. As your lessons build throughout the week, you’ll finish with the skills you need to learn a simple hula dance that celebrates the beauty of the earth.

What we’ll cover:



Holo means to flow, as water. Learn how to embody flow as you sway your hips and move through the kāholo step.


Learn a stationary step that helps you to feel grounded.


Learn how to embody a natural state of grace.

Day 4: THE AMI

Learn this simple, circular motion of the hips.

Day 5: KE AO NANI part 1

Learn the steps and hand motions for verses 1-3 of a traditional song that honors nature, chanted in Hawaiian and accompanied by percussion with the ipu heke.

Day 6: KE AO NANI part 2

Learn verses 4-5 of Ke Ao Nani.

Day 7: KE AO NANI part 3

Put all the verses together and dance a hula to the full mele (song) Ke Ao Nani. 

What you'll get:

  • Gentle, supportive, and encouraging hula instruction
  • Access to Hula Intro Resources: 
    • Hula steps tutorial videos
    • Hula dance choreography videos
    • Song lyrics
  • Access to the Learn Hula Online and Ha’a Hula Facebook Group (coming soon!)
  • The option to enroll in our HULA FOUNDATION series, a 10-week interactive, online hula course for beginners.

If you are feeling a call to begin your hula journey, or just want a well-rounded first-time hula experience, we welcome you to this free introductory series! 

E Hula Kākou! Let’s dance hula!