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Ha'a Hula Foundation 

This 10-week online class series is offered as a pre-recorded class series you can watch at your own pace. 

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Kū ana ka hula i ka maka ulu ola...

The beautiful 'olelo no'eau above means "hula transforms the center of life's inspiration." Hula is the beautiful, powerful, and heart-centered cultural dance from Hawai’i. The movement of hula is as soothing for the soul as it is a discipline for the body.

Keep reading if...

  • You’ve always wanted to try hula but didn’t know where to begin
  • You tried to learn hula from YouTube, but it doesn’t feel right to not have a relationship with a teacher
  • You’ve tried other exercise programs but they always feel like a chore or something you “should” do
  • You’re looking for a fun and natural way to move your body that you can do at any age, anywhere
  • You long to connect with a community that shares common values focused on a positive, uplifting way of living
  • You want a way to experience the culture of Hawai’i or deepen your relationship to the islands
  • You have a sense that learning an embodied practice is the right next step for your spiritual journey

Hula is more than dance.

Hula is not just a cultural dance style. We like to say “hula is life”, which means the teachings and practice of hula can translate into more joy and balance in your everyday life.


  • You feel happy and more confident in your body
  • You have more patience with your kids, your spouse, in stressful situations at work, or in general in everyday life
  • You experience more energy, enhanced physical health, and greater well-being
  • You move through life with more ease, which helps you handle whatever comes your way with less reactivity and more equanimity
  • You have a way to contribute something positive to make the world a better place
  • You experience a deeper relationship with nature, helping you feel a greater sense of belonging and kinship with all of life

As a result of learning Hula and Hawaiian chants online with us, you will…

  • Master the basics of Hula so that you can move with more grace and ease
  • Learn basic Hawaiian chants so that you can experience their healing effects
  • Feel spiritually connected and guided, giving you a greater sense of belonging, support, and inner strength
  • Access new tools, practices and perspectives that offer a blueprint for living with more joy


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Zoom Hula Class

What people are saying:

I enjoy the pace of the Ha’a Hula class, as well as the ability to watch the videos again later, especially since I’m a slow learner. ~ Valerie M.

I like attending classes on Zoom and how you show us in detail how to do the dances, as well as having the ability to ask you questions for clarification. ~ Kathy S.

Hula has taught me to open my heart and to grow that love. When I come home from hula, I am a kinder, more patient and loving mom. ~ Anna S.

Hula got me back into an exercise routine, which gives me energy, puts me in a better mood, and gives me a connection to my family. ~ Mary R.

Hula has reduced my stress and feeling of aloneness. ~ Marty G. 

Hula has helped me gain self-confidence. I am less judgmental about myself now, especially about my appearance and my abilities. ~ Snow M.

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What we cover in the Ha'a Hula Foundation Class Series:

  • Hula Classes (1 hour each) include instruction in:
    • Simple Hawaiian chants for inspiration and healing
    • Exercises that stretch, tone, and strengthen the body
    • Warm-up of our basic steps and hula movement vocabulary
    • Choreography of a beginning hula dance that combines both kahiko (ancient) and ‘auana (modern) styles
    • Introduction to Hawaiian cultural values and teachings that help you cultivate more joy, peace, and balance in your life

What you'll get:

  • Supportive and encouraging hula instruction from Kumu Andrea and her alaka'i (teaching assistants)
  • Access to the Ha'a Hula FOUNDATION classes resources:
    • Video replays from the 10 classes
    • Over 10+ additional video resources
    • Oli (chant) & Mele (song) lyrics
  • BONUS CONTENT: Access to the Ha'a Hula INTRO class resources: 
    • Hula steps tutorial videos
    • Hula dance choreography videos
    • Song lyrics
  • Upon completion of this course, the option to enroll in Ha'a Hula LIFE, an online live hula class series (via Zoom) for ongoing students of all levels
  • Special discounts on upcoming Hula and Hawaiian Culture retreats in Hawai’i
  • Access to the Ha’a Hula Facebook Community (coming soon!)


Join the Ha'a Hula 'Ohana - our community welcomes you with open arms!

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